Professional Grade Hot Tub Covers and Swim Spa Covers

Built for luxury and longevity, SuperCover Premium Hot Tub, Spa, and Swim Spa covers are designed using some of the world's most durable, heavy duty materials.

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We ship Hot Tub Covers Canada wide,  Ontario, Quebec,Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, British Columbia, Newfoundland,New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and P.E.I


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Looking For Specialty Hot Tub Covers That Are Hard To Find? We Specialize In Odd Shapes!

  • Swim Spa Covers 12-21FT

  • 2 & 3 Peice Hot Tub Covers

  • Dynasty Speaker Hot Tub Covers

  • Tri Fold Hot Tub Covers

Shipping To The USA

Looking For A Heavy Duty InGround Spa Cover?

We specialize in constructing InGround Spa Covers For All Climates And Surfaces Including Brick And Concrete. Our RhinoTek Liner is the perfect material for spa covers resting on brick or patio surfaces.

Have A Special Shape Hot Tub Cover?

SEND US YOUR TEMPLATE! We work with pool builders all over North America! We can create a spa cover from a template that YOU send to us! We can turn your drawing into REALITY

Other Hard To Find Covers Available From SuperCover:

  • D1-Dimension One Amore Bay & Sarena Bay Hot Tub Covers
  • Hydropool 1038 2 Peice Hot Tub Covers
  • Master Spas LSX
  • Sundance Grandee
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heavy duty hot tub covers

We Use Some Of The Worlds Toughest Materials To Construct Our Hot Tub Covers. How Tough?

BETTER Hot Tub Covers Canada Wide!

We make and deliver hot tub covers for most makes and brands. Have an odd shape or a hard to find cover? Contact us!

Dimension One Spas
Dynasty Spas
Master Spas
Michael Phelps Signature Swim Spas
Michael Phelps Legend
Sundance Spas

We make standard and custom hot tub, spa, and swim spa covers for: Dimension One Spas, Dynasty Spas, Hydropool, Jacuzzi, Master Spas, Michael Phelps Signature Swim Spas by Master Spas, Sundance Spas, Sunrise Spas, and more.

SuperCover Premium Hot Tub, Spa, and Swim Spa Covers

Check Out Our Unique Collection Of Hot Tub and Spa Covers Designed Using Some Of The World's Most Durable,
Heavy Duty Materials that are 4X Tougher Than KEVLAR!

Hybrid Spa Covers

HYBRID Spa Covers

The Perfect Blend Of Value And Choice With Classic SuperCover Toughness.

Stylish and durable

Perfect for above and in-ground applications

Spa Cover Material

Hybrid Hot Tub Covers are one of our most popular brands. Looking for a better spa cover material on TOP? OR Maybe Looking For A Better Underside?
SuperCover Hybrid covers come in 2 options. Whether You Want To Beef Up The Top Panels OR The Bottom Liner Its YOUR CHOICE! Apply The RhinoSkin® Where Your Spa Cover Needs It The Most!

  • NEW OPTION Customer Chooses RhinoSkin® fabric on the TOP Panels OR Bottom Panels.
  • EDGE GUARD RhinoTek® skirting available
  • Pegasus Silver Liner Option
RhinoSkin® Comes In Black Only
Upgrade-able Vapor Barrier
Starting at ONLY $899
Pro Grade Hot Tub Covers


Built For The Most Extreme Cold Weather And Top-Side Protection From Nature.

4X Tougher Than Kevlar!

Perfect for outdoor locations


Simply the toughest hot tub cover in the industry, spa owners can depend on 24/7 protection for their spas and hot tubs anywhere the situation demands. The Pro Grade Spa Cover excels in harsh winter ice and will not crack and peel like vinyl covers.

  • RhinoTek® top and bottom construction
  • OPTIONAL SuperFabric® skirting- for shapes under 96"
  • withstands over 50 PSI of direct steam
  • scratch and stain resistant
Pricing Applies To SIMPLE Shapes 96"Inches & Under. Larger Sizes Will Be Quoted. Speaker Cut Outs Are Extra
Optional Reinforced Top Seam Strip. Ideal For Use With Cover Lifters

Starting From $1399-$1499

SuperFabric® Edge Guard - UPGRADED Skirting available on MOST models. Speaker Hood Models Can Not Be Made Of SuperFabric.
Now Available In Swim Spa Cover Sizes INQUIRE For Pricing Today! 100% RhinoTek Construction.
Shark Skin Swim Spa Covers


Protect Your Swim Spa Investment With A Cover That Is Highly Durable And Dependable In ANY Climate.

A Unique Blend of Luxury & Practicality.
The Essential Accessories For Any Swim Spa Owner.

Perfect for swim spas

Premium Spa Cover

SharkSkin swim spa covers incorporate the same material used on HoverCraft Skirting and Inflateable Military Commando Boats.

The world's first and only refillable spa cover designed to last 10+ seasons!

  • replaceable foam inserts
  • weather proof AND chemical proof
  • cover lifter friendly design
  • 3rd piece eliminated!
12-19FT Multi Piece Swim Spa Covers

SuperFabric® vs "Premium Grade Marine Vinyl"

Others may claim that their Vinyl is Built For Extreme Climates , but one slice with an X-ACTO knife is all the evidence you'll need that our spa cover fabrics are a cut above the rest. And When It Comes To The Bottom Underside Material Of The Spa Cover, Don't be fooled by terms like "Tuff Laminated Poly Woven Liner". It's tent tarp that is easily damaged and a magnet for mold, spores, and other unsightly stains.

STOP Risking Your Health And Your Investment

Our attention to detail is what sets SuperCover apart. Watch the video to see the fine details that go into each and every SuperCover Hot Tub and Spa Cover. Our liner is LAB TESTED and guaranteed to be chemical resistant and rugged. Not only will it keep mold, fungus and rot from forming on the top of your cover, it will stay strong and looking its best for years to come.

Fabric Technology

Fabrics that outperform and OUTLAST traditional spa cover materials that are only available through SuperCover


RhinoSkin® is the toughest spa cover liner on the market and is used on all SuperCover Hot Tub Covers.



The same futuristic fabric used by US Special Forces Including NAVY Seal Combat Equipment is making waves in the hot tub cover industry.

SharkSkin Fabric

Shark Skin®

Depended on to create military and luxury inflatable water craft, SharkSkin® covers are resistant to harsh UV SUN and EXTREME COLD.

Request A Quote:

"We're here to help you make an informed decision about your hot tub and spa cover. Call us or use the form on the right to request a quote. We'll be in touch with you as soon as possible."

Photo of Mike Traboulay

- Mike Traboulay, Founder, SuperCover

We support local manufacturing in Canada and the USA.   Made In Canada

Why do professionals choose SuperCover?

SuperCover hot tub and spa covers are trusted by resorts, vacation rentals, luxury installers, and commercial distributors for good reason.

  • Superior quality

    All of SuperCovers Exterior fabrics including SuperFabric®, RhinoTek® and SharkSkin® have proven track records of durability in military applications. When we say battle tested we mean it. Our materials are used in a variety of applicaitons including NAVY ZODIAC Commando Boats, SOCOM Alpine Combat Boots, Special Forces Diving Equipment THE LIST IS ENDLESS.

  • Health and safety

    Older hot tub cover material easily becomes stained with mould and mildew especially on the bottom. Mould and fungus can be inhaled through the hot steam. Our materials are WATER PROOF and submersible which means the insides of of our fabrics do not rot from black and brown mould and mildew.

  • NASA tested materials

    SuperCover is the only spa cover manufacturer in the world to use a specialized textile called SuperFabric® on its upgraded skirting assemblies. This material was tested by NASA for use on the space suits going to the MARS expedition.

  • Luxurious look and feel

    SuperCovers are not only rugged they are uniquely stylish and rejuvenate any hot tub or swim spa setting

  • Long term value

    Whether you're paying $375 every 3 years or $499 every 5 years, by the end of its lifecycle your cover is well past its prime. SuperCover hot tub covers continue to look good year after year without embarrassing stains, rot, and fading that tarnish the look of your spa setting.

STOP Wasting Money On Spa Covers!

Sure you buy a hot tub cover for $375 to get you through this season. But by the second season, it'll start to show its age, and by the third, well, are you really inviting people over for a soak? Probably not! Your cover will start to show a lot more than its age.

SuperCover spa & hot tub covers are designed to look good and last season after season.  Stop being embarrassed by your hot tub cover and having your guests feel uneasy.  SuperCovers are worth the investment!


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Look familiar? Not to SuperCover owners!

Sustainable, Long Lasting, REUSABLE Spa Covers

The amount of spa covers that go into landfills every year is staggering. Considering that a traditional spa cover is being replaced every 3 years on average by the owners repeating the same wasteful cycle. That's a lot of foam and vinyl going into landfills and eventually back into our soil, air and water.

SuperCover designs its hot tub covers to be reusable/refillable. Specifically with our NON VINYL Models. We use some of the most advanced exterior fabrics that are proven to outlast traditional VINYL in extreme weather. We choose fabrics from industries that have proven track records of material durability, this is key behind our products.

SuperCover is also proud to offer our customers a replacement foam insert program as well, if foam cores do need replacing down the road NO PROBLEM, no need to buy a whole new cover and throw the ENTIRE one away. We design our covers to be easy to access and unzipped so that foams can be swapped out no problem.

SuperCover NON VINYL fabrics are also HIGHLY repairable. Our fabrics are some of the toughest in the WORLD but nothing is indestructible. Should a CATASTROPHE occur such as flying debris damaging your cover or tree falling we can repair almost ANYTHING, again removing the need to throw out a whole cover and buy a new one. When it comes to accidents and Hot Tub Covers NOTHING surprises us anymore!

We can lessen the burden we place on our planet through wastefulness especially when we are dealing with luxury items.


R. Langdon - Edmonton, Alberta

"We live in Alberta, Canada and have replaced our hot tub cover 2 times already because of ripped/ cracked vinyl. We get winters that bring -30 F regularly. We saw the video then made our purchase. We were very impressed with the knowledgeable staff member who contacted us to confirm our order."

Mrs. Anderson - Whitby, Ontario

"We purchased a Hybrid Spa Cover from SuperCover. We have had our Hot Tub for 6 years and wanted to find a Hot Tub Cover that would not get heavy and smelly as fast as our last one. The agent suggested the Hybrid because it has a steam-proof underside called RhinoTek®. We also had a budget of roughly $700. Instead of the sales people trying to up-sell us, we purchased the Spa Cover that fit our needs and our budget."

TM Pool Care - Fresno, California

"We came across SuperCover Shark Skin Hot Tub Covers at the 2015 Western Pool & Spa Show in Long Beach California. We took some samples back to the store to show customers. Initially customers were turned off by the price but after touching and feeling the samples in person the same customers actually changed their opinions and became interested once learning of its ability to last in the sun . We are happy to be able to provide our customers with a hot tub cover that will last in California Sun."