HEAVY DUTY. Replacement Hot Tub Covers
Available in Canada -And Now The USA


3 Great Configuration Options To Choose From

  • Hybrid -RhinoSkin Top WIth Pegasus Silver Underside Liner Starting At Only $899

    Looking For A Tough Rugged Substitute To Basic Spa Cover Vinyl? RhinoSkin® Fabric Is Applied To The Top Panels

  • Hybrid ClassicWith RhinoSkin® Underside Liner And Classic Marine Vinyl Top -Any Color Starting At Only $899

    A Perfect Mix Of Traditional Vinyl And Heavy Duty RhinoSkin® Ideal For Spas Underdecks or Indoors

  • PRO GRADE Hot Tub Cover Starting At $1199

    The Entire Cover Is Made WIth Patented Heavy Duty RhinoSkin® Top To Bottom

Pricing applies to a 1 piece standard shape Bi-Fold spa cover under 96″ Inches. Sizes over 96″ Inches will receive a quote

Available For Most Hot Tubs And Spa Shapes.

Are you looking for a Heavy Duty Replacement Hot Tub Cover?

You have come to the right place. We are North Americas Only True Heavy Duty Hot Tub Cover Manufacturer.

You wont find these kind of options at retail stores or other manufacturers selling the same exact cover over and over cashing in on your hard earned money every 3 years.

Isnt It Time For Something Different Than The Same Old Material?

Clients from all over North America come to us for those hard to tackle spa cover projects. </strong>

Better Material Makes Better Hot Tub Covers.

 We have teamed up with some of the worlds most innovative fabric manufacturers to create longer lasting, better insulating hot tub and swim spa covers

IF your looking for a high quality replacement swim spa cover that is built JUST FOR YOU with some of the Toughest Outdoor Fabrics in the WORLD then you finally found the next place to get a better Replacement Hot Tub  Cover.

      • Hydropool

        Master Spas -Twilight-Michael Phelps-LSX

      • Dynasty Speaker Covers

      • Arctic Spas

      • And More

Custom Hot Tub Cover Projects 8-21 ft and UP

We Do LOTS OF OVERSIZE and CUSTOM Hot Tub Covers Including

Tri Fold Hot Tub Covers

Quad Fold Hot Tub Covers

Custom Shape IN Ground Spa Covers

Spa Covers For San Juan Pools, Great Barrier Reef, Immer Spa and other Acrylic Spa Brands

Send Us Your Template

Cover Lifter Friendly Design

We Can Customize Any Spa Cover Design With Our Heavy Duty Materials.


Classic Hybrid -Marine Vinyl Top With RhinoSkin Skirt And Pegasus Silver Liner Underside

Classic Hot Tub Cover Photo

ProGrade With Upgraded SuperFabric® Skirt

SuperFabic Hot Tub Cover PhotoProGrade Hot Tub Covers Logo

Pro Grade RhinoSkin® Entire Cover Is Made With RhinoSkin®

RhinoSkin Hot Tub Cover Photo

PRO GRADE Hot Tub Covers – Made With Our Patented RhinoSkin® Fabric
Superior To Old Fashioned Vinyl In More Ways Than One

  • True All Weather Ability
  •  Superior Tensile Strength
  • Vastly Superior Solar Endurance Than Competitors Vinyl
  • Out performed Basic Spa Cover Vinyl in a UV Exposure Test With Xenon Arc Lamp Testing
  • Tough All Round Construction Against Wear And Tear
  • Made in Canada
  • Designed For Extreme Weather
  • Long Lasting with a Textured Diamond Tread Plate Texture
  • RhinoSkin Material Was Developed From The Trucking Covering  Industry So You Know Its Going To Last and Be Durable
  • Can Be Upgraded With SuperFabric® Armor Plated Skirting
  • Black Only
heavy duty fabric

Check Out The Unique Heavy Duty Fabric Up Close! Black RhinoSkin® With Grey SuperFabric®┬

USA and Canada: Call today for your no obligation quote or to place your order

Outside of Canada or the US? European and other customers can email your inquiries to info@wordpress-197909-855058.cloudwaysapps.com

Upgrades And Extras Defense

One of our most popular upgrades. We place a separate strip of RhinoTek accross the middle top seam of the hot tub cover to combat against a variety of issues including splitting, cover lifter abrasion, debris build up such as leaves in the main seam.

Top Seam Protector Strip

Top Seam Protector Strip Defends Your Main Seam Against Debris And Abrasion From Cover Lifter Use

Protect Your Spa Cover From Harmful UV Rays

Extra Defense From Harmful UV Damage And More! The COVER CAP

Want your Hot Tub Cover to last even LONGER? Our Semi Fitted Cover Cap is an extra layer of wheather protection. Why let your spa cover bake and fade in the damaging UV rays of the sun or peel from the damaging ice build up from a storm? Using a Cover Cap keeps any surface like VINYL or any other fabric protected. This includes the the thread that dries out if left unproteced from prolonged UV exposure.
Think of the COVER CAP as a cover for your sports car! Our Cover Caps have a tight ELASTIC HEM so the Cover Cap stays ON and Is EASY to put on and remove quickly.

We make Two Style Fitted and Semi Fitted

Semi Fitted Sizes are

Fitted sizes are made custom
Starting at $125

Spa Cover UpgradeInstead Of 2 Small End Pads Between The Inside Middle Area Of Your Spa Cover Upgrade To A Fully Insulated Steam Blocker For $35 To Add Even More Insulating Value. An Essential Add On For Canadian Climates.

Our Vapor barriers are HEAT SEALED not TAPED. We can upgrade

spa cover vapor barrier

This is the HEAT SEALING Equipment Used On Our Vapor Barriers. Not All Manufacturers Use This Kind OF Method …WE DO!

the spa cover vapor barrier that wraps the foam cores and protects against moisture.
3X 4 MM individual Wrapped Vapor Barriers(12mm) Vapor Barrier is available

rubberized tubular handlesInstead of easily ripped Vinyl handles we utilize rubberized tubular handles with webbing that are much tougher and easier to use.